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We are a 501c4 nonprofit organization focused on providing a funding source for the border wall without having to wait for Congress to act.  

President George HW Bush, William J Clinton, George W Bush, Barack H Obama, and Donald J Trump all campaigned on a platform that included fixing our southern border problem.  

Time for We The People to get it done.

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We need your help.  We have set up this site to make it simple for you to donate to fund the materials and labor it will take to construct the wall.  We're not looking for big donations, just what you might spend on a movie with your family, or dinner out at a nice restaurant.  A popular donation is a recurring $10 each month, set this up when you click the DONATE HERE link.

Because the Foundation's administrative costs are being covered by the Directors, donations received through this site are dedicated to the wall project.

Thank You


 We have been sharing our project via Face Book, and have received a great deal of positive feedback.  

Over 4600 visits to this web site, and quite a few donations totaling over $2200 in the months since we've been established.  

Click below to join those that have already signed on to get the wall built.

Board of Directors

Aaron K Miller

Mr. Aaron K Miller

Assistant Chief Patrol Agent, Retired, U.S. Border Patrol

Alan D Pestana


Chief Master Sergeant, Retired, United States Air Force

Carey James


Chief Patrol Agent, Retired, U.S. Border Patrol

Kenneth E Downey


Senior Master Sergeant, Retired, United States Air Force

Kendra M Downey


Class of 2020, Founding Member

Joshua A Dunn


Master Sergeant, Washington State Air National Guard


End the Stalemate

For the cost of a tank of gas, a movie or dinner out with your family, you can help fund the solution.  Your recurring $10 monthly donation will make a huge impact.

Send Congress a strong message with us, WE THE PEOPLE are building the wall.

Click Below or mail to:

 PO Box 1199 Colville Wa  99114

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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